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Eliminate Anxiety, Achieve Your Dreams

If high levels of stress and anxiety start to really affect your life then it’s good to do something about it. If not, the symptoms are unlikely to go away. They just keep building up.

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I offer a wide variety of hypnotherapy services and specialise mainly in the following but the list is not limited because hypnotherapy can help with many issues. 

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What can hypnotherapy help with?

  • Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Weight Loss
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Smoking 
  • Stress Management
  • Procrastination

This list is a few examples because the list is endless in reality. 

Contact Joan now on 0415 382 189 to make an appointment.

My Story

A little about me … my name is Joan and I moved from the UK to Adelaide Australia in 2007. As we go through the different stages of life we can become detached from reality.  When I had my son I developed postnatal depression.  I adored being a mother but felt very low and teary for a long time.  I couldn’t understand why.

I felt as if I was running on empty and life was a struggle. All my friends had had their kids and had gone back to work. I felt very alone.

I went along to my general practitioner for help and was given anti depressants, I’ve since discovered these only mask the problem. I’ve since become a professional hypnotherapist which I love and feel very passionate about, it has helped me and others in amazing ways…. I know it’s transformed my life!

I honestly believe everyone should experience hypnotherapy at sometime. it can change their life ! Everyone has issues, it’s the way we deal with these that can make all the difference.

With the help of conversational hypnosis I am now able to steer people through any issues in the same way I’ve been helped. I care & understand as, like you, I’ve been there. You are not just a client but a person to me and this is extremely important.

I have a masters degree in conversational hypnotherapy & was trained by the amazing Scott Jansen 

Conversational Hypnosis is unique with a mix of traditional philosophies but with modern & personal techniques, specifically tailored to you 

My therapy is very personal to suit your needs.

“If you feel that your emotions are getting out of hand, it could be a good idea to seek help. It’s always good to talk to someone about how you feel, rather than bottling it all up”.

At Relax Hypnotherapy Adelaide  I am able to also do Skype and Facebook  Messenger sessions which work the same as if face to face.