The following testimonials are from some of our valued clients who have achieved exceptional results following the hypnotherapy session or sessions with me.

I highly recommend Joan for a hypnosis session as I’ve had two sessions with her with amazing results.
Firstly I was lacking confidence in public speaking and decided to book a session with Joan. Well Joan was professional, and I felt very relaxed, calm and safe in her presence. After my session my next public speaking event went well without me even getting nervous. I spoke confidently and it’s even rubbed off in everyday life with strangers I meet for the first time.
My second session was to fix my addiction to sugar. Again Joan was very professional and made me feel safe. After the session my sugar cravings went back to normal and that was months ago and they are still normal.
I highly recommend Joan and know you will be very happy with her service and integrity.

Tania, Adelaide.

Meet Joan,
Now before I go ahead and tell you how this lady changed my life let me share with you how meeting Joan came about. Anyone that knows me would know that I have had anxiety for a long time and it is also something that touches my family massively. Between my mum, my brother and I we have the market cornered on life with anxiety. My anxiety started at a young age. When my parents divorced I formed some type of separation anxiety. Being so young I didn’t quite understand how to deal with it and just pushed it to the side and hoped that it would go away. Unfortunately this planted the seed of anxiety and over the years it has grown roots and lodged itself within me. I could be sitting at home on the couch or driving to work in the car and a game show would come on. Say for example I was watching Deal or No Deal. I could watch the whole show up until the very last briefcase and then I’d have to change the channel before they open it. My heart would be racing and my hands would be sweating. I could not bare to watch that last briefcase being opened. For me it was the fear of the unknown, fear of the future. That’s basically how I lived my life, fearing the unknown.
In April I took a turn for the worse. I pushed the person way that I adored more than anything. I was constantly stressing about the unknown and the future which is enough to make anyone leave. Some days I struggled to get out of bed and others days I would spend walking around like a zombie. I felt alone, I felt like I had no purpose and quite frankly I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, I was down to the last straw.   read more…

Amalia, Adelaide.

Hi Joan, just want to say thank you again for my hypnotherapy session. It’s been over a week and I’ve had no anxiety whatsoever! Can’t thank you enough. xx

Deb, Adelaide.

Unstuck’ from the UK
Hi Joan,
Thank you for helping me become unstuck! For as many years as I can remember I’d felt as though I was being held back from making a life for myself by an invisible force field. I know it sounds nuts but it felt like someone or something was holding me down and I couldn’t move freely. At times the feeling was overwhelming and I felt incredibly restricted.
Initially I was sceptical about using hypnosis, especially via Skype. I’m not sure what I expected but it was a great experience that I hope to repeat (hypnosis), I felt so deeply relaxed. The journey you took me on was confusing at the time, I couldn’t quite see the relevance. However, over the next few days I keep having epiphanies! I can’t believe how everything I experienced during the hypnosis session was extremely relevant to the ‘stuck’ feeling I was experiencing. On the second or third day after my session that feeling disappeared. I still can’t quite believe it and I haven’t felt that feeling again, just a great sense of freedom. An added bonus was that I slept so well that night, it was the best nights sleep I’d had in months. You certainly have a gift for this area of work. Thank you so much for helping me, you are a true angel xx

Liz, United Kingdom

I highly recommend this amazing woman, she changed the lives of my 2 adult children. To watch the change in both my children’s lives have been nothing but amazing to watch. Their lives have been changed with a session from Joan. I have been astounded by the difference in both of them to the point where their lives have been enriched with confidence and happiness which have changed both their futures. I cant thank you enough Joan Randell. Keep up the great work and all the best for the future.

Debbie, Adelaide.

It takes a very special person to do amazing work as a therapist and Joan embodies this through and through.

Scott Jansen.

Joan is a lovely, caring person and her hypnotherapy skills are sure to lead you to where you want to be and where you should be.

Chez, Brisbane.

Have you considered Hypnotherapy?
Sharing my experience initially as a sceptic!
I had always wanted to do something about my cravings for sugar, pastries and deserts and heard that Joan was consulting in Hypnotherapy locally. Not knowing what to expect through a session Joan chose to focus the session on my greatest addiction – Iced Coffee! Ensuring a safe environment she gradually eased me into a deep state of relaxation.. I hope I wasn’t snoring!
Well…, it has now been almost a year since that session and I have not had any iced coffee! In fact, I am not even drawn to it anymore when buying milk at the supermarket or visiting the servo! Thanks so much Joan..
If you have a habit, craving, addiction or just want to become better at something I highly recommend getting in touch with Joan. It can be life changing for the better.

Sean, Adelaide

I can’t thank you enough for helping me. My life has changed so much after only having one session with you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Alex, Adelaide

The world need to know what a gift you have… I was open but unsure. I still refer back to what you taught me in eliminating the negative. I feel more like myself and the whole family has benefited from the wonder of what you did. I am able to cope on a day to day basis, not cured but greatly lessened. I am eternally grateful for your help, It’s been a few months and still going strong… Still not a single panic attack!…  Your a genius.                                                                                                                   

Kerryn, Melbourne.

Joan made me feel as light as a feather…  I felt myself surrender to her voice as she guided me to the answers I needed…  She helped me eliminate the negativity weighing so heavily on my shoulders and removed my  constant fear of not being good enough…  She further helped me reconnect with my core values and reestablish my self worth…  She made me feel relaxed and safe and I truly believe I can only go onwards and upwards after undergoing one of her sessions…  I cannot recommend Joan enough…  Joan got sent to me at a time where I was so desperate for help I could barely go one day without feeling sad…  After only a few days since my session, I am already noticing changes and the world no longer seems like such a scary place…

Kelsey, Adelaide. 

For 4 months I have been struggling really bad with relationship OCD… I felt completely lost and hopeless and I was this person I didn’t recognise… After my session with Joan I immediately felt a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders… After 4 months of obsessively checking the rightness of my relationship all of it was gone in a few hours… I felt light as a feather and could not find my anxiety or the need to check my feelings like I usually do… She has given me my life back and only a day later I feel like she has provided me with so much release and has freed me… She is absolutely amazing at what she does… This is completely worth it and saved me from an endless cycle…

Shelbey, USA

I came to Joan for hypnosis treatment for extreme anxiety.. My anxiety was at its worst and was there all day, every day which was horrendous to live with and made me impatient, angry and fed up… Trying to function normally for work and at home was extremely exhausting and taking its toll on my body and mental health… Since having the hypnosis from Joan two weeks ago I haven’t had one bit of anxiety since! Nothing at all ! I sleep better and the little things don’t bother me anymore… It really was an amazing experience, very comfortable and extremely relaxing and absolutely worth it… I’d advise anyone to try it because it really has helped me tremendously.

Kylie, Adelaide

I took the first step and admitted to myself I needed help. Then I took that second step and asked for help. I wasn’t really sure if seeing a hypnotherapist would work but I had to try something… Anything.. I’ve had panic attacks and suffered from anxiety for almost 40 years. Everyday is a struggle… Everyday its hard… I felt like I had no choice and no control… I’m always angry and depressed but anxious and overwhelmed at the same time. Id also picked up OCD traits so I became more frustrated… I finally went to see Joan and our session went very well… Straight after I felt very relaxed and comfortable… It was a very calming and rather pleasant feeling. I felt that id found a lot of negativity and stress and buried it elsewhere… I feel great, alive and I haven’t been anxious since… My OCD has also gone out the window. I’m actually smiling again. I have found my voice and I’ve learnt that you also have a choice… I cant thank you enough… You’ve given me my life back… I’m a believer xxx

Cindy, Adelaide

Being hypnotised by Joan was the most healing and beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. After suffering for 20 years of severe anxiety and panic attacks I feel alive again. If you are suffering let Joan help you. I am so grateful for this feeling that she reminded me I have had it all along. Thank you, Joan.

  • Hannah, USA

Before going to Joan’s hypnotherapy my mind was clouded with depression and anxiety. Thanks to Joan’s hypnotherapy we were able to work through some underlying issues and along with re-centering my mind and spirit, also releasing energies no longer serving me. I felt comfortable and non judged. I would highly recommend. Even if you’re just curious.

  • Sam, Adelaide.

I am feeling so calm, content and secure that I don’t know myself at times. It has been so long and painful… I am having to remind myself what it feels like to actually be ok, happy and laugh. I can watch something or have someone tell me something and I still feel their pain but I don’t get into it or cry like an emotional wreck. My brain is not full of crap anymore, my inner critic is less noticeable and I can think about things in the future and not feel scared or fear. I honestly can’t tell you how much better I feel- I have had some tears but they don’t consume me anymore. I cry, let it out and then move on. Even writing this makes me realise just how different I feel and how far I’ve come.

  • Mel, Adelaide.

I’d been anxious and depressed for a while, then I got PTSD. I couldn’t leave the house and was having a bad panic attack. Waking at night, really stressed out. I tried to go out but it was horrendous, panicking, feeling so nervous. Then someone suggested I speak to a hypnotherapist. I was so scared of the unknown but as my daughter said, “you can’t carry on like this’. I got in touch with Joan, it was so different from what I expected but what a great experience… I felt so relaxed. I haven’t looked back since. I’m getting stronger every day, getting back to the old me. Thank you so much, Joan, I would definitely recommend this to anyone and I tell all of my friends. They are shocked and can’t believe that in a few weeks what a different person I am.

  • Julie. United Kingdom